Community, prepare to be managed!


At long last the search for a Community Manager is over! Or at least close enough that we can reveal the results. We were faced with an extremely tough choice, seeing as we received enough viable applicants to fill the role ten times over. We talked over the position in detail in an attempt to hire the right person.

But it didn’t help. We couldn’t pick. So we’re hiring two community managers!

A very warm welcome to Atmaz and SeeMeScrollin! Atmaz has accepted our offer as specified in the original ad, and SeeMeScrollin will be taking on a smaller role, as Moderator Manager / Research Assistant. Both of these roles will encompass many tasks, and there’s certainly not a lack of stuff to do. Even though both these swell guys have been involved in a host of different community things for a long time, it’ll still be some time before we lock down their individual responsibilities under Mojang.

Gary Morris (Atmaz)

Atmaz, a.k.a. Gary Morris, is the awesome host of the Twitch channel ‘Poopybuttz‘. Gary’s experience with nuclear submarines and beekeeping alone would probably qualify him for a position in a community that is always buzzing with ideas and constantly on the verge of a meltdown. Jokes aside, it’s his involvement in the community, organizing tournaments and his own stream, coupled with great communication skills, patience, and passion that won us over. Atmaz took part in the first Scrolls Invitational, casted the very first ESL Open Cup, and is also noted for having purchased 85 scrolls without getting a single Rare! Besides all of this, Gary has experience with web, graphic and mobile app design, as well as column writing, and barbecuing.

Gareth Kenna (SeeMeScrollin)

SeeMeScrollin, or Gareth Kenna to some, has been an active community member since October 12, 2012. He’s an in-game mod, and an admin for both Scrollsguide and reddit. Gareth has also contributed to Scrolls Academy, and the Summoner repository. He’s trained as a CBT Hypnotherapist, and has close to 20 years experience in Customer Services/Support. His favourite colour (yes, he’s from GB) is green, and his first precon was Growth, back in the day when you had to choose which to start with. If you’ve spent time on Twitch’s Scrolls channels, you’ve probably seen him in chat, and maybe even heard his silky smooth voice on the Scrollstream.


We hope to have both Gary and Gareth start officially in the very near future. If you meet these lovely creatures online, or in the game, give them an e-hug, cause they certainly have a challenge ahead of them!

Henrik (@carnalizer) and the Scrolls team